What do you do with a broken lens?

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What do you do with a broken lens?

Hi All:

I am wrestling with a question or two:

What does one do with a broken lens that is cheaper to replace (with a used copy) than to repair?


I have an old 4/3 50mm F2 macro lens that has given me wonderful service for 15 years.  Last month the aperture stopped working and is permanently stuck wide open (F2.0).  The autofocus works fine and the image quality is superb.  The repair cost is $175 and one can buy good used copies with warranty for about the same price.  D

Does one repair or replace with like?

Does one use this as an opportunity to modernize to a m4/3 lens with new capabilities?

If one gets another lens do you chuck the broken lens into the recycle dumpster?

Here's what I did:

I opted to buy a new 60mm, F2.8 Olympus macro to be able to use in-camera focus stacking.  It cost me $350 during the current holiday sales period.  Of course I had to also spend another $70 on a hood and filter.

What ought I do with the broken lens?  What would you have done?


PS: Coincidentally, my 4/3 35-100mm F2 got its focus stuck at infinity.  I sent it to Olympus repair and expect a $375 bill.  This lens is currently available used for about $1200 so my choice was easier to make but just as costly!!!

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