Xt100 updated thoughts?

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Re: Xt100 updated thoughts?

johncecilian wrote:

I am thinking seriously of picking up an XT100 since for body only it is just $349 US..which I think is a ridiculously low price for a new camera with its feature set of 24MP swivel screen etc. And although it has been discussed months ago here, I have not seen any recent comments now that people have had the chance to presumably spend months with the camera. It has had a couple of minor firmware upgrades as well. So kindly weigh in, if you still like the camera, are happy with it, etc. Thanks .

All complaints center around speed of menu operation and autofocus, not image quality, which is phenomenal. Imaging-resource.com measured autofocus speed at .316 second with the 15-45 at 33mm. Is that fast enough for you?

The 15-45 doesn't match filters with any long zoom, and isn't great at 45mm. But you could buy a used 18-55 and 55-200 to cover a huge range, or go with primes.

Another bonus is that it has Bayer pattern sensor, so there is hope DxO will support it with their amazing Prime noise reduction.

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