Camera Color Science - Does it Exist? (and if so what to do about it)

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Chris Dodkin
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Camera Color Science - Does it Exist? (and if so what to do about it)

Just came across this interesting write-up via the Fuji-X forum: The article lays the groundwork for showing that "raw is raw" is a fallacy and that different cameras do indeed have different "color science".

Camera Color Science - Does it Exist? (and if so what to do about it)

"Color Science" is both the CFA/Sensor to RAW file conversion AND the RAW file to RGB conversion.

You can't separate the two and claim that one or the other is entirely (or even mostly) responsible for the colors of the images we take.

I've purchased cameras from almost every major camera manufacturer (Fuji, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus) and tested them against each other - and yes calibrated them with an X-Rite Colorchecker.

The result - different cameras produce different colors, even after "calibration."

The initial results of my tests are here:

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