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Re: Cheater...

Wildbegonia wrote:

tasad wrote:

I've contacted Dpreview Admins and I got very quick response : all the 5 accounts are closed now ....

Wildbegonia wrote:

tasad wrote:

Wildbegonia wrote:

Should not this image be disqualified (...)

It should .... I've complained to the host.

It is a disgrace and a complete eye swore. Someone new visiting DPreview and sees this running on the Finished Challenges will question the notion of good Photography promoted by the site

Bravo! Good job!

Still, I think his/hers latest win should be brought down or disqualified.

And it was. Though I have no idea why one would even cheat in a contest that only managed to garner 10 entries. Not much fame in there. On the other hand, cheating would be pretty effective.

Frankly, given all the comments here I should be grateful my recent cat picture scored "only" 8th. It has deplorable image quality, moderate sharpness, blown highlights, a garish background, and comparatively low resolution because of having to crop a lot of stuff. I entered it on a whim because even though it was a rushed snapshot, I found it sort of cute and just wanted to see how close to last it would end up.

While I won't rule out that cheaters considered it safe to upvote this photograph for camouflage, the result made me a lot less certain about my ability to estimate what will score high here.

At any rate, I am grateful for people weeding out cheaters. It's probably optimistic to think one can get rid of all of them, but it's just a lot more informative to feel that one's placement (wherever it may end up) reflects more the opinion of many than the personal agenda of a few.

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