Camera Size (again)

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Re: Camera Size (again)

Hmmm. Lx100 is a nice camera. Pretty much like using a X100t but with zoom.

Picture quality though is very 'so-so'

I actually give the nod to the rx100 iii/ M3 for photo quality in all types of light and conditions

Lens is better imo and 20mp is always going to give more detail than 12mp....

EDIT - just found out although needs more pp than rx100 iii the lx100 files do shape up well with post especially nr and sharpening, enough so that I find the photo quality acceptable

Rx100 iii still wins as that lens is much much sharper and 8mp more with bsi sensor that the flies actually rarely need sharpening or nr at all in post

The margin is so small though if you're willing to do pp on the lx100 files I'd call it a draw for a3 prints...

Id still recommend the Sony to others over the Panasonic though, especially in not great light it has better contrast, clarity and less aberrations and flare.

Plus the files are better for colour and exposure right out of camera compared to the lx100 files. Lx100 files can clean up nice but way more work

2nd EDIT  - with diligent RAW post processing the photo quality is actually stunning with the lx100.

A lot of worknis needed in almost every aspect except colour and saturation.  Exposure, contrast, clarity, sharpness all need a good smash.  If you have patience it's an amazing camera.

If you don't then forget it SOOC is literally awful

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