EM5 mark II firmware Bugs - Shortcomings

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Re: EM5 mark II firmware Bugs - Shortcomings

Digital Dick wrote:

I have my MySet 4 set up for video shooting. I only have to set the MySet 4 to ON and turn the mode dial to Movie. The MySet changes a bunch of camera setting from my other MySets which are set up for wildlife, BIF (with back button focusing), high shutter speed, fixed ISO, grid displayed, focus boxes pattern, fixed white balance and a bunch of other features. No shortcomings for me?


Yea we are saying the same thing.... why not a choice inside video menu for what myset to autoload when main dial goes to video. Not to mention that the whole setting for video could be mapped with no need for any myset to be uploaded.

Then Why the camera doesn't remember the EVF style but it is a global  choice. How to describe it, as shortcoming or Bug...? Someone didn't realize even to test it how its going....!!!

How about the Lever another one Cobal setting.... but why... different setting for different use & myset.... another shortcoming...???

And why the camera to forget settings of mysets when the myset get assigned in a dial function... This supposed to be a novelty from EM5I... and it is a mess...

They have to Listen AND FIX these... in a new firmware... They promised evolution via firmware updates... So IT is absolutely necessary ti fix them...

Otherwise Em5 is a customizable camera that can't be customized - USELESS...

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