Oly 45mm 1.8 vs Sigma 56mm 1.4

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Re: 56 mm f1.4: a cheap way to get 45 mm f1.2 IQ.

Cyvan wrote:

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Cyvan wrote:

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In short that is my take on it. Like the lens a whole lot.

I wouldn't say IQ, but to get similar amounts of bokeh. The OOF transitions of the various lenses are render differently, I've heard it said that the Sigma renders slightly flat and I've seen it while the Pro 45 1.2 gives more of a softer look with a more pronounced 3D pop as a result.

Well those are details. OF course all lenses that are contstructed differently will get you (slightly) different results. Look at the lenstip review. The lens scores very well there and there are a bunch of reviews with a similar or even better take on it,

Yeah , I know, I just don't want ppl to think that based on its aperture the 56 is a complete Pro replacement. There's more to the quality of a lens than just how much blur it gives. That's why a lot of people couldn't understand why Panasonics new 50mm f1.4 costs $2300 but its just a 50mm, not even a 1.2. But there's so much more to it than just the raw paper specs.

Well, for less than half the price of Olympus 45mm f1.2, I would gladly trade 'stellar OOF' performance away for 'excellent OOF' performance of the Sigma 56mm. Lenstip gave a very good review of both lenses. You really should look into it and compare the pros and cons of each lens. Olympus 45mm f1.2 also had slightly high CA than expected.

Colour science is very subjective. Many praise Canon for their colour science, a load of bull if you ask me.

The Sigma 56mm is considered a lens that punches way above its category. Had it been priced 50% more, perhaps some of the responses from both camps may be different.

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