Lumix S cameras - shutter count

Started Jul 17, 2019 | Questions thread
bobdom6 Regular Member • Posts: 155
I figured it out for the S1R

Here are the steps to get the shutter count:

  1. Press and Hold the Playback and AF-ON buttons while powering the camera on.
  2. Release the buttons
  3. Press and Hold the Playback button while quickly pressing Menu/Set, followed by the left arrow on the command wheel (this needs to be done quickly)
  4. At this point, you will come to a grey screen with a bunch of numbers. From this screen press Menu/Set

You'll come to a screen that contains some diagnostic information:

  • PWRCNT - the number of times the camera has been powered on
  • SHTCNT - The count of the mechanical shutter
  • STBCNT - The number of times a flash has been fired
  • PSVCNT - The number of times auto power off has been activated.
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