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GodSpeaks wrote:

Capture One allows you the option of using a catalog or just a single session, ie: point C1 at a folder of RAW files to work on, no importing.

That is one of the main reasons I use C1 and have never used LR. I have ZERO interest in "cataloguing" my photos, and since LR does NOT offer the session approach, I have never used it, and never will.

Sorry but when you go with COne, one canot get rid of a database - neither while using Catalogues nor while using Sessions.

During a Session two folder structures are buit.
The Capture One Structure, containing all picture-related files and data:

The CaptureOne Session Structure, which keeps all files that are related to manage the pictures within COnes, e.g. like trashes, output etc.
Within the Session Structure there resides the database of the session:

Programatically and by model both databases are identical; both are embedded SQLite databases with seemingly the same data model and table structure.


See the title bar for the name of the data base ( .cosessiondb )


See the title bar for the name of the database ( .cocatalogdb )

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A raw converter w/o a dedicated database (embedded SQL) is e. g.

Raw-Photo Processor - RPP

Even if the lastes 64bit Version is some years old, it runs on Ctalina w/o any problems. There is additionally a LR plugin available.

some lenses - some bodies

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