First Half Hour With My Just In RX10 IV (BIFs)

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Re: First Half Hour With My Just In RX10 IV (BIFs)

Congratulations on your new camera: I trust it will give you years of enjoyment and good service. I certainly love mine.

As for your halo concern: this is a known phenomenon that has been raised and discussed on these forums several times. A couple of comments:

  1. The phenomenon is exaggerated by too dark exposure . I have found that the RX10 meters too darkly to my mind. To adapt to this I have adjusted my exposure standard (Camera 1 menu, page 8 of 14 of the menus) upwards by 4/6 of a stop EC. Even with this I still bump up the EC when photographing a dark bird against a light sky. And if you do not want to adjust your exposure standard then at least manually bump up the EC to > +1EV (maybe even up to +2) when you take shots like these. I attach a recent image of a Bald Eagle against a blue sky background. You would note in this that, even WITH my exposure standard adjusted, I STILL added +0.7EV.

  1. In your specific case I also believe the phenomenon is greatly amplified by the fact that the subject bird is a very small part of the overall frame so the image is hugely dominated by just blue sky. This i) complicates exposure measurement and leads to the bird being very dark and ii) shows great expanses of sky that are subject to the halo effect. Note that a quick look suggests that the bird is covered by around 0.1MP of an almost 17MP image. This is just too small. If you were to crop the image so the bird covers most of the image you would not see the halo. But then the image would be very, very small. The trick is to get closer to the bird so that it fills more of the frame. I know, I know: easier said than done!

Bottom line: if you up the exposure and take the photograph with the bird covering a significant percentage of the frame the halo effect would essentially not be noticeable (if it even exists at all).

I hope that a) this does not come across as suggesting I know exactly what I am doing (which I really don't very much) and b) it is of some use to you. Good luck going forward!

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