Bookending "where'd the market go" - two articles

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Bookending "where'd the market go" - two articles

This week a couple of interesting articles looking at two sides of the "where'd the market go" topic were published - one by Hogan:

One by Ming Thein:

Hogan leads his bullet points with the elephant in the room:

"Buying cameras—at least the bulk of the market that the camera makers need to be healthy—is a middle class disposable income function, and that middle class is under stress. Everywhere. With new interesting full frame cameras checking in at US$2000 or more, and new lenses worth putting on those cameras ranging upwards from US$750, that’s a lot of disposable income the camera companies are counting on. Yes, some still can afford that—the higher up the class spectrum they are, the more likely they can—but I’ve noted more and more folk around me delaying their upgrades lately. Some of that has to do with monetary stress. With items like cable/TV bills now running at a couple of grand a year now for many and a cellular plan piling on even more expense to that, consumables are chewing into the middle class budgets in big ways now. I just don’t think you can expect to sell any expensive cameras into the lower and even middle class any more. They can’t afford them, even if they want one. But even the upper middle class is slowing their camera buying as far as I can see in the numbers."

Thein takes the usual technical arguments to an interesting new place, with some rather impressive iphone 11 pro taken photos to buttress them.

On the adequacy of the imaging system:

"My guess is that depending on which camera module (the three have differently-sized sensors), we’re talking between 2/3″-1″ for the ultra wide, to 1″-M4/3 for the tele, and M4/3 to APSC for the wide. I realise this is a controversial opinion, but bear with me."

And then ensues a discussion about the quality of the Iphone 11 Pro's automatics and multishot stacking, even with minor subject movement, ending with this:

"It’s impressive to the point that I find myself using either the phone or the Z7, and not really anything in between – because the shooting envelope of anything else is worse."

"...this criticism can be levelled at any new or high technology: it’s really expensive as a camera; but not so much if you consider you also get a phone and computer thrown in, too. Even then, remember the old adage about technology: small, cheap, good: choose any two.

"Remember: interesting stuff doesn’t tend to happen under ideal conditions most of the time…and we’re again back to the best camera being the one you always have with you. We now have not just a truly pocketable visual scrapbook, but one which is transparent enough not to have to require imagination or make excuses for."
Hogan's points are classic Hogan, looking at market demographics.  Thein, noted for his meticulous attention to technique and tech, has found that faced with a phonecam with quality computational imaging FF is the only refuge left for the single-sample general purpose dedicated camera (MF is too limited in Ming's definition of shooting envelope).
Well, at least Ming shoots a Z 7 when he's serious.  But Nikon is making it hard to get it serviced - at least in the United States.

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