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Re: Too Complex AF System???

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When I purchased my D500 beside the manual, it included a setup guide that included the setup of about a dozen famous photographers that tested the body before release. It listed how they use the camera and there settings in detail including the reasons for the choices. It included a number of sports and wildlife photographers. It was a great read and one could match there style to a photographer, set up the camera as they did and be off to a great start. I still tweaked yet I was thrilled with the results I was getting the first time out and it got better from there.

When I looked at the X-T3 before purchasing it I was at Photo Plus Expo and one of the Fuji marketing directors was there and he knew my work. He spend about 30 minutes with me after first explaining the basics of the focus system and then the two ways people tend to shoot action using single point or zone. I shot samples in the low light while tracking people moving around the dark exhibit hall. We refined the setup based on my findings. Even after this I was still finding too many flaws in the way I had the camera setup when shooting in the field and it took months to get it right. Most people don't get to have an experienced photographer help them setup like this and what Nikon dose with the guide is huge.

Wow, wonderful support & experience w/ Nikon. Neither Oly nor Fuji have done anything like this. The "guidance" they do provide is pretty rudimentary. In the Oly E-M1.2 case there are far fewer C-AF settings to consider than on a Fuji & a couple of their supported photographers have blogged their recommendation for such things a BIF & sports.

The Fuji is much more complex - too many settings??? If someone as experienced as you almost sold the XT3, that's a huge statement about what Fuji is/isn't doing right both in terms of design & support!

For real people, the amount of testing needed to decide which C-AF sets work best for their shooting is really impractical. As you have found Set 5 seems made for BIF but wasn't. This shouldn't be so hard given what we spend on this tech.


Possibly this issue is that the camera was not designed for wildlife or sports with the only action being typical movement such as people dancing or kids playing. Then they added the 100-400 and it challenges the focus system. When the 100-400 came out they should have invested the time to make it work well at 400mm and to update and/or document the setup. Try tracking a moving subject at 200mm and/or do your focus test over at 200mm, I bet you get great results.


Interesting thread even though I am mainly a static subject photographer. Yes think you are right root cause is that Fujifilm have not improved the AF-C custom setting to match the usage of 100-400mm. Thread prompted me to look at the C custom options on my H1 and oddly the online manual had a link to the original some years old Fuji “Autofocus system special site for Pro2 / T2 / T1 etc” which describes the original system not the one found in T3 / H1. Is Fuji behind the ball on this?


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