45mm & GFX 100 DOF at F11 on a Landscape Comparison

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45mm & GFX 100 DOF at F11 on a Landscape Comparison

There have been many threads and postings about MF DOF lately. I just got back from hiking in Big Bend and hit the studio PC this morning with 500 raw files.

Here are two shots with the 45 hand-held. The first is focused on the cactus at my feet. The second is focused on the distant mountains. Camera shake is not a problem with 1/110 and IBIS. I was careful. But I guess it could be a factor. But I doubt it. This was like being on a tripod.

There is a significant difference, even at F11. I'm not sure which one I like better. I guess the one with the razor sharp cactus at my feet because F11 carries the focus through the cactus, but the distant mountains are of course a bit less sharp and has DOF fall-off.

Actually, I was surprised that F11 did this well.

The 45 is so sharp. The GFX 100 is so sharp. It's amazing. You should see the raw on a 4K 32 inch pro monitor.

I can't wait to get my 8K monitor. But I'll have to wait a year.

I love looking at these raws with the GFX 100. Astounding resolution / IQ.

These are 47 MB full-size jpegs exported from LR at 90% quality.

Focus Point on the Cactus at my Feet. F11. 1/110. Base ISO

Focus Point on the Distant Mountains. F11. 1/110. Base ISO

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