F stop technical limits?

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Re: F stop technical limits?

HighlandApe wrote:

If you could make something like that (and humour me please and not get into equivalence arguments or why one sensor size is better than others) one could theoretically produce a compact, small sensor system that allowed for very compact lenses for casual daylight use and full frame challengers at the other if you wanted to carry the weight.

Even if you could do that theoretically, what's the market ? How many people are going to want to spend the money and carry the weight just to put equivalent lenses in front of a smaller sensor ?

The selling point of smaller sensors is smaller cameras. People who want both (big/capable and compact) are generally content to buy both. Instead of a full frame challenger (that isn't) you use full frame and when you want to shoot something compact, you shoot something compact. You're probably buying the same stuff anyway, because you'd want a compact body for the small lenses and a bigger body to handle the bigger lenses.

When the EM1X was announced, a lot of people expressed their opinions that Olympus was heading in the wrong direction and that focusing on smaller, lighter systems was the right path (and the reason m43 buyers bought into the system in the first place).

So whether or not there are technical limits, my guess is there's far too small a market to flesh out a lineup of big, fast FF equivalents. (Same applies to APS-C ... if you're going to bother with the weight and expense of f/2 zooms, just get f/2.8 zooms for FF).

- Dennis
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