Which fisheye? sigma 15/nikon 16/samyang 12?

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Re: Which fisheye? sigma 15/nikon 16/samyang 12?

threw the lens wrote:

I was also surprised how accurately the Adobe correction defishes it. Though you lose resolution at the extremes of the frame because it's stretched so much.

I find stereographic projection boring compared to equisolid ones and circular fisheyes. I think it's good to have these choices though.

This is good to note. I’m not sure that everyone is aware that fisheye lenses have different projections.  There are a few good tutorials online on the differences.  What makes the Samyang/Rokinon 12mm boring (arguably) I think also makes it a little safer more versatile for generalist photography. While it takes in a similar diagonal field of view as 15/16mm counterparts, it is a shorter focal length. The centre appears less bulgy, pushed farther back, and the extreme edges less wrapped. Straight lines, especially through the centre, are less curved. You won’t mistake it for a rectilinear lens, but for some shots, and with some subjects it can look both wider and less distorted than the widest rectilinear, especially with strong foreground objects off centre - something rectilinear lenses always stretch.

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