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Re: Close/Save in Affinity Photo

sankos wrote:

You need to [Close/Save] rather than [Save (As)] in Affinity with a tiff, png or a jpeg file, but PSD files can be saved directly. Mind you, Affinity seems to be saving the file with the 100% quality when doing the Close/Save so the file size can be bigger than when you use the Export option in Affinity and manually set lower quality settings.

I haven't tried it for a while, but I did think that "however" I tried to save a TIFF from AP (including shutting AP down) , AP tried to save as a native AP file and lost the path to the original TIFF, if I changed the options to save as TIFF.

But, as you say PSD could be saved directly. If, as I mentioned, you changed the AP preferences to overwrite PSD files.

Are you saying that if you now just shut down AP with a TIFF opened by C1in AP, it will directly overwrite the TIFF. I think that's what you are saying, but just want to confirm.



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