People are strange

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Flat view
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People are strange

I recently visited the Louvre Museum in Paris. This includes the Mona Lisa, the world's most viewed painting, among its magnificent collection. For many of huge number of visitors to the museum, seeing the Mona Lisa is the highlight of their visit.

But first they have to queue outside the glass pyramid for the airport-style security check:

Long, slow-moving queue for the security check

Once in, they descend to the large circulation area:

Taking the escalator down to the circulation area

There's then some longish walks and many stairs to get to the upper floor gallery:

Finally, after a lot of walking and climbing, the Mona Lisa is near…

But then, when you finally reach the gallery where she lives, you find another, even longer, slow moving, zig-zag queue:

This long, zig-zag queue is to get close to the Mona Lisa

It's in a room with many other fine paintings, one or two of which are possibly superior to Leonardo's famous, but unfinished, masterpiece. But these are ignored by most visitors, who are only interested in getting close to the Mona Lisa.

Finally, after perhaps an hour of queuing, they get to the front, and can get face-to-face with the enigmatic Lisa Gherardini, behind her protective, bullet-proof glass. So how do they celebrate their arrival at the holy spot? Yup, by turning their backs on her!

Yes, when they finally get a chance of an unobstructed, but not close, view of the life-size painting (behind its bullet-proof, thick, laminated glass), they promptly turn their backs on her, to take a selfie!

As you can see, I was more interested in taking pictures of the spectators than queueing to get a glimpse of the endlessly reproduced painting. I certainly wasn't interested in taking a selfie with my A7Riii!

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Flat view
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