Online software for sharing event photos - good idea? Bad idea? Already out there?

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Online software for sharing event photos - good idea? Bad idea? Already out there?

Hi fellow photographers,

I hope I'm not intruding on forum rules by asking this question, but I genuinely would love your feedback on an idea that I have.

I'm a photographer in learning, and have just finished a few of my first paid gigs. Yey! I can see my photos definitely need some work, but that's a whole other thread

The thing is, I'm also a web application developer with a few startups on my back, and therein lies the question:

During my last gig, which was for a company hosting an event, several couples came up to me and asked me to take their photos. I was happy to oblige, and some of them turned out pretty good. When they asked me how they could get access to the photos later, I directed them to my contact in the company who would be receiving my photos after the gig.

Now, the idea came to me of an online service that let's you access the photos of an event with a given code. So let's say you host the event "Company X's summer conference". A code is generated for this event, let's say "1234". If a guest at the event wants to see and download a photo taken of them, they can access this online service, provide that code, and see/download/maybe purchase the photo, depending on the photographer and/or client. This could also be useful for tourist photographers who sell their photos at a tourist destination; perhaps after doing some thinking, the couple that turned you down on the spot want to purchase the photo for their social media after all.

Now, this is a pretty rough idea, and I'm sure there are a lot of details that would need to be worked over. So in your feedback, please think about the overallidea and not the nitty gritty details

  • Does a service like this already exist that I'm unaware of?
  • Based on your experience as a photographer, is this a good idea? Why/why not?

I really appreciate all feedback!

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