Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II Serial Number and advices

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Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II Serial Number and advices

Hi everyone. I have purchased a used Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II marked as 'excellent' with 1 year warranty for about £900. Do you guys think that it is a good purchase? I have seen this lens selling new from £1300 to £1900 in some retailers that still got them in stock. I guess. Its sucessor is selling around £1500 used mint and £1900 new. It is hard to think that I would need to let it go. Took some random pictures and I was really impressed with it.

My ideia is to have one two zooms this one and the 24-70mm f/2.8L II. Then a prime like the pancake 40mm f/2.8 STM just in case need something small.

I am still within the return date (1 week left or so).

Currently I am performing some tests. Will shoot at different apertures and zoom ranges as suggested by this video:

In addition to this the video recommends other stuff but some of them are hard to tell if you have never seen or held this lens. Like weird noises. The image stabiliser does a lot of noise so don't know if it is normal to that kind of noise when compared to a new lens for example.

So far I think the visual inspection has passed with only two remarks. 1) the weather sealing rubber was a bit dirt. Don't know if it is relevant as it can give you some hint about its usage but the shop that was selling it could have cleaned it. 2) there are two or three small scratches/kinks not sure how to describe. They are located close to the wording 'image stabiliser'. See pictures attached.

Another thing that I am trying to understand is:

Where can I get the serial number from? Would like to know if it is possible to trace the date of manufacture. The only number that I can see on the lens is located to the opposite side of the wording 'image stabilised'. Have seen some canon documents where they show on the barel(?), the aluminum/gray , lens mount bit some numbers and stuff. I can't see this anywhere in the lens mount. Is this normal? Read that this could be the date and place of manufacture.

Either way, I thought I could use LR to retrieve the serial number but there are two numbers in there. The output file shows: aux: SerialNumber (013xxxxxxxxx - 12 digit number) and the other number: aux:LensSerialNumber (00008xcxxx - 10 digit number).

This is a bit confusing as none of these matches the one printed on the lens (37xxxxxxxx - 10 digit number). The lens came with the box and I can see a number, big one where the lat bit matches to the one on the lens.

Assuming then that this is then the serial number and that the box that matches with the number in the lens it originally paired with this lens, can I figure out the year of manufacture looking at the other numbers printed on the label?

Another question that I have got is related to the zoom ring. In that video the guy says to check for anything clumsy and all that. So I have checked the zoom ring and it looks fine at first glance. If I gently try to move the ring but just a bit before it actually starts to move just like a small move really gently the ring moves about 1.5mm - can't be precise. Is this normal? Probably it is best to see if I can get my hands on a new lens and check this but it is not very likely.

Internally I have pointed a LED lamp and moved the zoom ring and looks like it is moving the internal structure ok without any noises. It focuses fast. The noise of the image stabilisation, like mentioned before don't know if it is a lot or not. It does some clicks and stuff but I guess that's normal?

Checking for fungus. Don't believe that isn't any. I looked into this video:

One thing that I found it bizarre was the fact that the le s came with the hood on and when I removed it try it a dead butterfly fell. Also there was a bit of don't know if it was spider web and or dust and or sort of something similar to dried like don't know if mud or what not. What can this tell us? Could it mean that it was not used for so long?

Is there anything else that I should be aware of or pay attention to?

Any feedback is welcome.

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