Traditional boxy cameras - RB/RZ, Hasselblad 500's - focus adjustment?

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Re: Traditional boxy cameras - RB/RZ, Hasselblad 500's - focus adjustment?

JimKasson wrote:

Raymond Cho wrote:

Hi, not referring to digital back exactly but a related question. For those of you who had gotten a digital back for the boxy type medium format cameras did you have to get your focus screen calibrated?

The reason I ask is that I have a RB67 and also a Hasselblad 500CM but both of them are very sharp at f11 doing a landscape but they are not so sharp when doing a portrait on a tripod at a moderate F5.6 or something. Could it be that I am overly picky and it's film photography or maybe it needs calibration?

It's pretty easy to see if you're back is in the same optical plane as your finder. Focus on a Siemens Star. Take a picture, Check sharpness in the raw file. If you use a focus alignment ramp, you can see how far off you are an in what direction.

Oops. I see you're using film. Try the above, but the cycle time will be much longer. In addition, look for signs of lack of film plane flatness.


If you or others have used digital back units with these boxy cameras.  Have you ever needed to do a CLA or a focus calibration?

I ask because I have these focus issues with my Hasselblad and my Mamiya.  Could it just be the issue with film not being totally flat or it be that with film for what people used it for it was just accepted and maybe only now with digital, calibration was done assuming that if people had to do it with digital setups.

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