How many cameras/lenses did you replace with the RX1R II?

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LenRivers Senior Member • Posts: 1,682
Re: None.

I see cost like this.. It is only expensive if one does not see value in what it is and can do for them.   So in that way generally speaking one does not really need.

Heck the Sony 50 mm 1.8 I think the FF version is like $200 on sale  now.   I do not think it is expensive but I also did not need it when it was not on sale

IF I found I was a very casual photo taker and my use of my iPhone 11 pro was perfectly ok and i wanted something a bit better I would sell all my Sony gear and look at that Leica Q2 cost aside when i did a little research I liked what it offered vs the Sony RX-1rii etc.

And I would also give away if I could not sell 98% of my camera bag collection and it is a combo of backpacks, rollers, shoulder bags, pouches for stills and video use that I almost got a new one with each camera or travel need

I know I will sell my A73 body at some point and I am happy now with the system and look at the A74 or A7 mark 6 whatever it is, but maybe not

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