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EOS RP - back to the future

Truly bad planning during Black Friday (BF) led to several things regarding my photo stuff:

* Long time no use Canon T2i plus some EF-S lenses were sold on eBay for a really low price - much lower than expected (monitored as of lately), thanks to me not having the advent of BF on my radar. Do'h!!

* Being a super zoom fan (Panasonic 14-140...) came across a deal on Amazon.UK for the Olympus 12-100. Many say, that this was one of THE best lenses in mFT land, so... Click!

* Then, on the Monday after, a colleague gave me a hint: there is a really crazy deal for the EOS RP + EF-adapter + RF-35. The whole bundle was something like 40% off. CLICK!!

GAS at its best.

What made me CLICK!! is the fact I had 2 EF primes lying around (50/1.4 and 85/1.8). Got them for the T2i, found out I did not have proper use for them on this camera with a low standard AF system. Somehow (?) hesitated to sell them, b/c the idea of getting a FF camera sooner or later was there since the A7 came along.

The RP is in fact my first FF camera - I borrowed a friend's 5D (Mark I) around 2011, but somehow did not like it very much. FF DSLR I always found too bulky and heavy for my uses. I then followed the small camera trail with the T2i, X100, Oly E-M10 and finally the masterpiece E-M1.2 .

Now, I got the RP. I knew about some the shortcomings like no IBIS, old sensor tech, but at least was confident that I would get top notch Canon ergonomics and color science. And have at least 1 modern prime.

What's actually surprising, after 5 years of shooting Olympus cameras:

I really struggle to like the Canon menue system, Q menu, and much more regarding the shooting experience. I am not really annoyed, but compared to the super-simple T2i (and the XSi and 50D I had before) this RP is quite complicated.

Anyway, the Olympus SCP and superb customization capabilities regarding buttons and stuff is IMHO far ahead during shooting. The E-M10 was really good already, the E-M1.2 is a dream come true. For the menues... well.

Having no electronic shutter on the RP is sad, but on the other hand this is not a stealthy or high frame rate camera anyway. And the shutter sound is nice. And so far I never managed to finished a shutter by wearing it out. So... well. Stay away from those multi thousand images time lapses.

Shooting without IBIS is another thing. The RF35 has IS, which works surprisingly well (me being spoiled by Olympus IBIS). 2s hand-held is definitely possible with the RF35. Since roll is not compensated for though, the results are somewhat below my Oly multi second hand held exposures.

Color: Nice, of course. Basically I think Oly and Canon color science are pretty close, with to major differences: While Canon prefers a sky that leans ever so slightly to the purple side, Olympus prefers to lean towards the cyan side. Also, the Canon AWB likes to stay a little more on the warmer side. No big deal though. Roughly speaking, Olympus "Vivid" equal Canons "Standard", while Olympus "Natural" is Canons "Neutral".

Then, for image quality.

First of: High ISO on the RP looks better, of course. I was a little underwhelmed by the ISO12800 performance though -- I thought FF is 2 stops ahead of mFT? So ISO12800 should roughly be equal regarding SNR to ISO3200 on mFT, my personal limit.

Seems I should look into DXO more closely, looks as if the RP (6DII sensor) only has an 1,5 stop advantage over the E-M1.2 .

Hm. So while I use ISO3200 as upper limit for auto ISO on the E-M1.2, I now set it to ISO6400 on the RP. Well, at least 1 stop.

What is a big PLUS though an the RP seems to be the JPEG rendering regarding fine detail. Although both the RP and E-M1.2 have the (almost) same vertical resolution, there is an extra level on detail with JPEGs. Olympus' in camera sharping seems quite crude in comparison, sadly. Need to experiment with Olympus Work Space (RAW converter) and the "Unsharp mask" feature.

Viewfinder? Nice, looks better in good conditions than the one found in the E-M1.2 . Especially in dark scenes you can simply see much more. On the other hand, during daylight and very sunny conditions outdoors it has a strange greenish cast, and somehow bad contrast -- maybe the eye-piece does not cover up as well as the one on the E-M1.2 . Will look into this.


The RF35 delivers phantastic IQ. Nice bokeh, not overly super-smooth luckily - some "character" is there. Tack sharp wide open, only gets ever so slighty better when stopped down. My little gem - the M.Zuiko 17/1.8 - cannot compete in any way, sadly.

The old 90's EF lenses - the EF50 and EF85 - are very different siblings.

The EF50 is quite a dog. Stopped down to f/5.6 it delivers very crisp images, true, but below f/2.0 I would rate it Holga or Lens Baby IQ.  I like the 25mm equivalent FOV though (from a mFT user's point of view, "equivalent" -- mind you!!). Still the Zuiko 25/1.8 is running circles around the old EF50.

What really surprised me is the EF85. It is really sharp already from 1 click above "wide open", so already at f/2.0. This lens - even if it is from the same era as the dog 50 - it simply is in another league. Only thing is pronounced LoCA at wider apertures. Overall though it is a clear winner against the M.Zuiko 45/1.8 I have, although to be fair -- seems my copy of the Zuiko 45 is mediocre at best.

The RP's battery is tiny - especially in comparison the the mighty E-M1.2 battery. Still, battery life on the RP seems not too bad - roughly comparable in my way of shooting to what I get out of an E-M1.2 battery.

Ah, yes. Video on the RP? Forget it. Even in 1080p with the modern RF35 and DPAF, C-AF perfomance is clearly behind the E-M1.2's. This I found surprising.

Wrap up:

For the regular price I think the RP is worth it... just so. For the money I paid it is nice, of course.

For anyone in mFT land wanting to explore the shores of FF - not having any Canon glass: I think I would recommend getting an Z6. Never shot one, only tried it in a shop briefly. But it seems to be much closer to a truly modern mFT experience than the RP. The RP is kind of odd to me - some things are so 2012, clearly lagging behind my 2016 E-M1.2. Of course, comparing an entry level FF camera to a top of the line enthusiast/pro mFT camera from Olympus might seem a little unfair, but they are in the same price league, and the E-M1.2 was released 2 years ahead. And of course I am NOT complaining for having only 1 card slot, no weather sealing on my entry level FF camera - I am talking purely ergonomics and shooting experience.

Anyway. Happy shooting and good light!

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