Airline size backpack for GFX100 with tilt EVF adapter

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Re: Airline size backpack for GFX100 with tilt EVF adapter

Scottelly wrote:

I'm looking for a backpack to carry a GFX 100 with lens and tilt adapter for the EVF. I figure it will need to be carried it on its side. There will be more lenses and some other stuff to go into the backpack too. I'm thinking about the Thinktank Airport Commuter. Has anyone found a good backpack to fit a Fuji GFX100 kit?

Here's why. I have a friend who just got one, and the backpack he has been using for his Canon 5 Dsr won't fit the Fuji. He plans to travel by plane a few times, and he doesn't want to let his camera get out of sight. I may end up getting a similar set-up, so I'm interested for myself. I might get the same backpack he ends up using, and I'll use it with my two cameras until I can get the Fuji GFX 100.

You may be overestimating  the space requirements of the GFX kits.  While the purpose built pre cut slots designed for a Canon DSLR may not fit a GFX  certainly the inserts can be swapped out  to accommodate  different gear.

I have a collection of non photo Ralph Lauren backpacks that   can be purposed to hold  two  MF 67 bodies, 3 lenses, wood grips and assorted odds and ends.  On United and American  the bags qualify as either  the personal item  or  the bag for the overhead bin.

The  same backpacks  will  allow for the  small camera bag which came as a freebie with my D810 to slide in  with that  camera body and two lenses and grip  inside and sit upright on the bottom. Camera bag as insert in backpack.

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