How many cameras/lenses did you replace with the RX1R II?

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For what I do (primarily attempting to document my and my partner's upland bird hunting experiences in beautiful natural places), the RX1r II has limited utility. It is neither a shirt-pocket camera, nor is it very versatile. For me, it is a piece fo very good, special purpose equipment.

I use my RX100's (V and VII) the most because: they are tiny and light - easily carried and managed when trekking many miles in rough terrain and cover, weather than can be anything from desert sun to blowing mountain snow, carrying all the other stuff one needs for days afield in such places, managing a couple super-athletic dogs and gunning. For their size. an RX100 is very versatile and capable and has amazingly good IQ, plus have a very fast burst rate and extremely fast focus.

Joy hard at work in wet Pennsylvania pheasant cover:

My partner walking in to flush a Bliss point on a covey of sharptail grouse miles out on the high western prairie, as a snow storm blows in:

The little RX100's will even make a decent substitute for a landscape camera when I happen on a pretty spot and an RX100 is all I have on me:

When I need real versatility, nothing can substitute for an quality interchangeable lens camera system, which can go from extreme wide angle to extreme telephoto. I have a Fuji mirrorless system to meet those needs, with various lenses and bodies.  It is, however, big and heavy to manage in the field if I need to gun as well.  So, I don't carry it very often.  But, if I am guiding for other people and don't need to deal with trying to shoot, I can carry the Fuji and get some pretty nice action and game images.

Pennsylvania pheasant being taken over a Joy point:

Montana ruffed grouse on his home ground:

The Fuji equipment is no slouch at landscape work either:

The RX1rII cannot serve in place of either of the above.  It does, however excel at producing sparkling images under set-piece circumstances when its 35mm fixed lens is suitable; and (importantly) it is relevantly easy to carry in a large jacket pocket or the like.

Ruffed grouse country in western Montana:

The springhouse in winter on the farm in Pennsylvania:

An old house nearby in winter:

North Dakota:

I'd recommend an RX1r II as a adjunct to what you already have, not as a replacement.


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