Problem with X-T2 focus priority

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How Can AF+MF Affect C-AF??

Doug Pardee wrote:

This background info may or may not help: Focus Priority only works when AF is still running when the shutter release is pressed. Aside from (duh) AF-M, there are two cases that frequently are encountered.

  1. For AF-S only, if you have AF+MF turned on, the AF system disengages after making the focus attempt. The camera assumes that you've adjusted the focus if necessary before releasing the shutter.
  2. With back-button focus*, the AF system disengages when you release the button. For Focus Priority to work, you need to keep the AF button held down while releasing the shutter.

* It's not really focusing via the back-button that's an issue, but rather that AF is disengaged from the shutter release button.

Perhaps you could post a straight-from-camera JPEG, with full EXIF intact, illustrating the issue?

I'm puzzled by this.

The OP & my testing have found blurry images can be captured using C-AF w/ Focus Priority turned ON.

When Fuji cams are switched to C-AF mode, MF is disabled. So how can the AF+MF setting have any affect on Focus Priority?

I can see how releasing back button focus before shutter actuation might allow blurry captures w/ Focus Priority ON however. But this has noting to do w/ the AF+MF setting.

Can anyone clarify?

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