Raw developer without database / catalog ? (aka browser based)

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Re: Raw developer without database / catalog ? (aka browser based)

sergiotous wrote:

Hi, I'm looking for a raw developer that does not require import photos into database, so I mean not having a catalog but a simple folder browser.

I know DXO and DPP fit into such category, but as Canon+Fuji shooter neither of them work for me due to the first does not read the raws from fuji and the former does not read the ones from canon.

Does any one know other software that provides such functionality?


I see this as a two stage process.

First you need to render the RAW file into something viewable.  I think of this as interpreting the RAW,  and need not involve a data base

Then you need software that enables you to change the appearance of the interpreted image, and that can be reapplied next time the image is accessed (of course, we know that the RAW data relating to the image will not be changed).

The point being that those changes can be associated with the RAW file directly or collectively in a "data base" (or indeed, both), but they need to be stored somewhere.  Either storage method works fine, but with different pros and cons, and depending on the product.

It helps me to think this way.


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