EOS RP or A6400 for upcoming Hawaii trip

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Re: EOS RP or A6400 for upcoming Hawaii trip

Stokkes wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

I think that you need to give some thought as to what kind of camera you need.

You have just got rid of the A7iii, which is a great camera, because you didn’t use it very much. Are you getting a new camera just for the Hawaii trip or do you expect to make more use of it after the trip? The A6400, in particular, is inferior to the A7iii. Are you really going to use it more than the A7iii after the trip?

If you are thinking of getting something just for the trip, how about getting something smaller and cheaper, e.g. an older Sony RX100, say the Mk3 or 4, or a Panasonic LX100?

Thanks Chris, you raise some very good points.

I had an Olympus M43 for years, so going to the RX100 is difficult as I'm used to the flexibility of an ILC.

My primary point was to keep costs down. I spent about 5K on my sony gear and accessories, and I'm hoping to keep the new system to 1.5K, 2K tops.

My hope is that going to Hawaii will rejuvenate my love for photography that I had with the M43 and I fully realize the A6400 is likely the better choice, but there's something I can't put my finger on when handling the RP, it's almost romantic like, but I know Canon has that effect on people. The primary reason I think I'd lean towards the RP is for future growth in the camera system.

For example, I was looking at possibly the RP + RF 35mm, + EF 70-300 which is dirt cheap and a fantastic lens, all that is about 2K and I think would make a quite versatile combo,.

the large NY online camera retailers have a 30 day return policy - makes it easy to try out new camera gear


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