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Agree, this is how I do it. Also— instead of setting the film sim to a flat profile, I assigned a function button to “Natural Live View” which turns off film simulations and looks more like a raw file. It’s a nice feature.

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I guess it doesn't matter really because single shot Astro really kind of sux anyway, especially with GFX 100 and the 23 F4. There is just not enough light coming in at F4 before star trails at ISO 1600 and 3200 + noise. 6400 or 12,800 might give you a decent shot in terms of light, but it is 6400 (not good).

So, using my new PhotoPills app on the Spot Stars page, it says this for the GFX 100 and 23mm F4 (for the default setting of "barely Noticeable Trails"):

NPF Rule 10.56 seconds

500 Rule 28 seconds

Not sure what I do with that.

Set the camera to take a 10-15 second image, set the aperture to the widest of the lens (F4) in your case, and then adjust the ISO until you get some detail in the stars. If the image looks great on the camera screen, it likely means the stars will be overexposed and lose their colour. I find it best to set the JPEG preview to a flat profile like eterna or pro-neg standard so that you can use the histogram more effectively.

A good starting point at F4 would be 15 seconds and ISO 3200. If you take several images and then combine them in post using software like starry sky stacked, you should end up with a really nice image. With 100MP, you also have the luxury to downsample at the end to further reduce some of the noise.
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