K-3II + 16-85mm HD WR for around $1000 as a first DSLR

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Re: Or something different

Hythloday wrote:

Oiche wrote:

For me he wasted my input and didn't have the decency to respond, he had no intention of choosing Pentax.

Pentax forum for Pentaxians only, not time wasters.

He also wasted my input. He put the question in different forums and got a great many reactions.

That's true, and I learned a lot as well. With so many people chiming in, there's bound to be somebody whose advice I won't follow, and to whose posts I won't be able to reply. However, I did appreciate every comment made here and elsewhere, as all of the people together helped me to arrive at the final decision, and I'm thankful for that.

To be quite honest I would not do what he did. If he does not like photography any more after a while, he has 'wasted' money. But frankly speaking Ricoh would make less profit if I did not buy so much gear It is fine for me that he bought two cameras within a short time. It keeps companies in business

I wouldn't be so sure about that; I bought both cameras second hand and I'm already selling the Sony (with a minor loss of around 50$) — I think the companies would do ok without me as well

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