Fuji to Sony - Why did you switch?

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Fuji to Sony - Why did you switch?

I want to hear some sharing /opinions from the former Fuji users ( or the current ones) who switched to Sony. What are your thoughts after switching? Was it a good move to you and why? Are you missing Fuji? If so what is missing with Sony comparing to Fuji? Which Sony camera and lenses are you using now?

I am a Fuji user and currently considering to switch to Sony.

I really like my Fuji system. I started with XE1. Later on, I added the X100s to my bag. I love both camera's jpg output. But I was not happy with the AF. Then I upgraded to XT2 and XT20. And I currently use Fuji XH1 with 16-55/2.8, 10-24/4, 23/2, 35/2, 56/1.2, 90/2, 14/2.8 and 50-230. I basically don't have anything missing in term of coverage. I use Capture One to process the raw files and the program has been doing a great job. I like Fuji's film simulation in general. But since I shoot raw now, the simulations are not critical to me anymore.

Recently , I am entertaining to get the A7R4. The reasons I am thinking about that are:

1. Low light high ISO performance on Fuji is a stop or two behind.

2. I tried the eye AF on my brother's Sony. My X-H1's was just not able to match in term of speed and accuracy.

3. The Sony battery is way more long lasting. It's not a big deal to bring more batteries. I have 7 authentic Fuji Batteries. But it would be quite nice to just bring 1-2 spares and know that I am all set for the whole day or even whole trip. I have to confess I do check/review pictures on the back screen.

4. XH1 has no size advantage comparing to Sony FF. It's basically the same size or even a little larger than a full frame camera. So, I ask myself that why not just get a full frame camera as I don't mind bigger bodies anyway.

5. I actually planned to buy the fuji 100-400 to use with the 1.4X TC for animal / birding pictures. But then, I don't think the XH1 and 100-400+ TC combo is a better choice than the Sony's option. And again, if I don't mind lug around that fuji combo for that purpose, I may be better off using Sony.

6. Sony's details is much more superior to Fuji( landscape, travel even skin). With the higher  MP , I know I will gain details and overall IQ. I think 24/26MP hits the sweet spot for APSC sensors, at least in current fuji's case.

7. while I love it's performance on the fuji raw files, , Capture One has no tablet version which is a big no-no for today's workflow. I tend not to bring my MacBook pro with me when I am out, especially when I am traveling. I have my iPad pro with me most of the time but capture one don't even have an apps for it .

8. I feel that Sony's camera is more responsive when changing AF spots, turning on and off etc. XH1's AF changing joystick is laggy (and pointy). The camera sometimes shows black screen when turning on and requires a quick turn on and off to get it fixed. This is quite annoying to be honest.

The drawback... Everything is more expensive. But it should not be a very big concern to me.

To start with, I am going to get

1. A7R4 ( preferred) - Get it now

2. SONY 24/1.4 GM - Get it now

3. SONY 35/1.8 or Zeiss 35/1.4 Get it now

4. standard zoom ( Sigma 24-70 2.8 art - preferred or SONY 24-105) - TBD when the sigma is available. I just wonder how well the sigma can work with the eye AF as this is going to be quite useful on this focal length.)

5. SONY 85/1.8 Get it now

6. SONY 200-600 Get it next Spring

7. SONY 16-35/4 or Sigma Art 14-24/2.8 TBD when Sigma is available. eye AF is not important here. I want to know the IQ difference between these two lenses before buying. And f2.8 is something to consider.

Hope I will hear some good sharing from you guys!

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