Canon G5Mark II or Fuji X-T30? or Fuji X-T20?

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Re: Canon G5Mark II or Fuji X-T30? or Fuji X-T20?

viper699 wrote:

Before you tell me a Fuji, because it has a larger sensor, and can swap out with a suite of lenses- I don't care too much about either. I have a DSLR.

What I am focused on is size and portability. I'm looking to get a point and shoot more or less for under 1,000$ US.

If you recommend a Fuji - what lens would you suggest? What lens would be the general equivalent of the Canon?

The one thing that does concern me about Fuji, is it seems to lack image stabilization. Is this the case?

I generally shoot tourist shots, famous landmarks, landscape photography (sunsets, ocean, water falls), some city scapes too.

SW I have is Cap Pro 20, and Lightroom.


Well, since you mentioned you really like touchscreen and portability I would suggest the Fuji X-E3 because it’s small, lightweight, has great image quality, has a focus joystick, (I won’t buy another camera without a joystick), touchscreen, and I like the rangefinder style ergonomics better with the VF on the left corner over the middle like the X-T3/X-T30 so I don’t smash my nose. It has a fixed screen so if that’s not your style then get the T3/T-20/T-30 with the flip screen if that’s important to you. It never bothers me not having a flip screen. Only one Fuji camera has IBIS and that’s the way bigger heavier X-H1. The X-E3 pairs well with their small F2 lenses but equally well with their 23 1.4 and 35 1.4. I have the grip for it for my bigger lenses like the 16 1.4 and 10-24 F4. Actually I love the grip so much I’ve never taken it off since the first day I put it on. Another great lens for it is their 27 2.8 which makes an awesome street/travel lens. A great pretty small medium zoom travel lens would be their 18-55 lens and it has OIS for stabilization. Only you know what focal length you like but Fuji has you covered and you can find used Fuji lenses from online camera stores like B&H Photo and Adorama. I bought my E3, 27 2.8, and the grip all used in mint condition at separate times. Out of my X-T2/X100F/X-E3 I use the E3 the most because of its size, versatility, and it’s just a really fun user experience. For landscape they have the 14, 18, 16 1.4, and the small 16 2.8 and of course the 10-24 (which has OIS) and again the 18-55. For Street/Tourist/Landmark/Food you have the small F2’s, the 23 1.4 the 35 1.4 and the 27 2.8 and again the 18-55. I personally like/use primes more. Another great thing about using the E3 with the 27 2.8 pancake lens is that it fits easily in my coat pocket even with the grip attached. Fuji makes great cameras and they handle high iso beautifully. I have the Sony RX100V and the images get noisy at iso 800 and above which sucks for lowlight shots. And that’s goes for all the iterations of the RX100 cameras. The E3 is selling at a great price now so go handle one if you can, you won’t be disappointed with the image quality which is exactly the same as the newer X-T3/X-T30/X-Pro3. Another option would be the Ricoh GRII/GRIII, I have no experience with those cameras but I know people love them. They’re fixed lens point and shoot cameras and the GRIII has 3-Axis IBIS but they have no viewfinder so that’s a huge no-go for me. I hope I helped and good luck on your quest. 👍🏻

oh, and I’ve never accidentally hit the buttons on my X-E3. Not once.

X-E3, 27 2.8, and grip

X-E3, 27 2.8, and grip

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After all is said and done and your photo is hanging on the wall, no one is going to know or care what camera, lens, or what post processing you used. All they care about is if the image moves them.
I’m not hung up on the Bokeh fad because I’m too busy chasing shadows.

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