RF 70-200 focus issue?

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Re: RF 70-200 focus issue?

Colin46 wrote:

Sorry for starting a new thread on this but I’m curious and my question would have gotten lost in other threads.

can anyone tell me what they are actually shooting in real world situations at 200mm f2.8 at minimum focus distance of 70 centimetres from the focal plane to see this “potential” issue, this lens focuses 50cm closer than any other 70-200 on the market.

this puts the front of the lens, especially with the hood attached, very close to the subject.

ive used this lens now since it’s day of release and I’ve not had any issues in real world situations, it’s tack sharp, fast and very accurate.

im not into shooting test targets, there are quite a few lenses out there ( another being the Nikon 24-70 f2.5e vr ) that have problems in test environments but in the real world they are superb.

not saying people are wrong but I think the real world situation of shooting at 200mm at f2.8 at mfd is limited.

First, I’ll answer your question about what shots I’m seeing the issue in on my own lens:

Close up portraits.

Detail shots.

Pretty much all portraits.

Now, let’s set the record straight on what the problem is:

The RF 70-200 f/2.8 front focuses consistently at all focal lengths and at all distances. There is a whole pile of photos on fredmiranda showing the issue.

I personally did a series at 70 and at 200 starting at MFD and backing away from the target. And the lens always consistently front focused.

Now the reason it isn’t as much of an issue at further distance or with shorter focal lengths is that the depth of field is long enough at these ranges that the part you were autofocusing on is always acceptably in focus, even tho the zone of critical focus is in front of it.

So, why is this an issue?
Because images shot with the RF 70-200 taken about 1 meter from the subject using autofocus always appear significantly softer than the EF variants. This is especially true when using face or eye autofocus.

When shooting portraits at 85mm the eye will be in crisp focus on the EF and it will be soft on the RF.

If this is acceptable to you, then that’s great. Enjoy the lens and don’t worry about it!

As for me, I am going to be returning my lens before the return window closes depending on the outcome of the user on fredmiranda who is waiting on Canon to fix his lens at the service center.

This choice will be up to the user. I think though that it is unlikely you’ll see this lens sell well unless it’s fixed by Canon. It is the most expensive 70-200 on the market, and it should at a minimum offer autofocus precision on par with the $1000 cheaper EF 70-200 f/2.8 IS III.

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