Camera Size (again)

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Re: Camera Size (again)

I dont like the look of flash for my own photos.

I prefer a camera with clean iso 6400 and a lens with stabilisation and / or a wide aperture. Either a fastvprime stopped down to about f2.8 or the good f2.8 zooms that are excellent wide open and have good IS.

I pretty much used to use a dslr for night shots the same way as as in the video, same methods pretty much but using a zoom instead of a prime.

These days i prefer primes.

No decent wide primes for the affordable decent sensor apsc Nikons so hence I'd probably go with a d610 or a 6d with the fab 35mm f2..... then the nifty fifty is always a hundred quid only for when you want it.....

Canon apsc just aint made for the night..... shame as they have a great 24mm f2.8, 35mm f2.8

Nikon DX has the better sensors for night but no prime wider than 35mm that is not super expensive ang the gooder older af-d primes wont AF on them....

So yeah apsc DSLR you gotta go fast stabilised zoom really....

But the price of d610 and 6d now is so low its a no brainer really. I'm talking for really cinematic night shots that are tac sharp and have really clean colour amd still can be done at 1/125 at least.

Mirrorless can do it now of course but cost more and meh dslrs are so reliable under testing conditions

And again, price

Canon for sun

Compacts for fun

Nikon / FF for night

Again, just my own preferences not for everyone etc

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