How many cameras/lenses did you replace with the RX1R II?

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Re: How many cameras/lenses did you replace with the RX1R II?

Having had an RX1R and then 2 RX1R II (please take anything you read here with that for starters

In 2018, I'd sold off the RX1R and I had as my full frame, only a Monochrom having traded an M9 to get it. The MM went in for sensor replacement and I really wanted a good color camera around so I found a used RX1rII at a good price. I tend to love fixed lens cameras going back to Rollei 35S and an old Rollei Planar 2.8. I also had a couple of Hexars in the 90s.

The RX1R in my opinion will do beautiful environmental portraits and the RX1R II adds to that nice cropping (zooming) for landscapes or scenics where needed. Of all the cameras out there save for the Leica Q which even as a Leica person I never warmed to, you can do quite well with an RX1R II as your only camera. The rendering, coupled with resolution and form factor make it difficult to touch. And they have come down in price.

To more directly answer your question, how many lenses does it replace: I think of it conservatively as 35 and 50. With my feet, maybe 28mm if I don't step back into a wall

I sold my first one when the Monochrom was returned (it took about 9 Mos) and then decided I needed to have an RX1R II; sweet camera.




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