Raw developer without database / catalog ? (aka browser based)

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Re: Raw developer without database / catalog ? (aka browser based)

Robert Snow wrote:

True...I normally just work in PS. When I want to work on a raw file I simply click on the window in PS, and that allows me to browse to the file I want, double click on it, and it loads into ACR. Since I normally finish up an image in PS I can just return the image to it without hassle. It is just the way I have worked since way back when...of course, I hate the 'rental' version, but still use it.

bob snow

Sure, but Ps doesn't convert the raw, it always calls ACR first. The OP is talking about raw files.

I was never a fan of the subscription and held off for a long time because I didn't trust Adobe to maintain a consistently low subscription price. Eventually I caved in, and have been pleased to find that the price has only increased slightly because of exchange rates. I'm now happy with renewing the subs annually, getting regular updates and at a price that compares with the previous charges for a yearly or 18-monthly full upgrade.

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