C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

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Re: C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

Van Griff wrote:

With SAI it is not a C1P plugin . . . it is basically a stand alone editor. C1P has a few plug ins but a user does not have the ability to make SAI or any other stand alone programs into plugins . . . at least at this time.

I'm not sure that plugins in c1 will ever work as they do in a pixel editor, as far as I am aware plugins designed for lightroom still send a TIF or maybe DNG back to Lightroom.

As you have affinity photo, you could do the bulk of editing in C1, then use "edit with" to round trip to AP, and then use SAI as a layer in AP, and then just do final tweaks back in C1.

I do this with various plugins, and it works well.  Mainly with PS, but I've also done it with AP.

The restriction with AP was it needed you to use a PSD for the round trip and go into the AP preferences to tel AP to overwrite PSDs.  If you don't do this AP will try and "save as" rather than overwriting the PSD already in C1. Having said that, this may have changed as I've read of people round-tripping to AP using TIFFs.

Good as C1 is, it doesn't replace a pixel editor for subtle/advanced editing.



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