C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

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Re: C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

Digital Nigel wrote:

Van Griff wrote:

IanYorke wrote:

Van Griff wrote:

Trying to do localized editing with Sharpen AI in a C1P12 image.

When I process an image in C1P12 then click on Edit With SAI the image opens in SAI and sharpen is applied to the entire image which can then be returned to C1P12.

I am trying to apply localized sharpening in SAI after processing in C1P12 . . . if I create a layer and apply a mask to the area I want to sharpen then send to AIS via Edit With and apply sharpening in AIS and return the edited image back to C1P12 the sharpening is still applied to the entire image . . . not just the localized mask setting.

Is there a way to apply localized sharpening in this process?

I'm thinking there probably must be but not seeing it.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated!




You can locally apply Sharpening within C1 but when you use "edit with" you are creating a new RGB file.

Yes . . . understood.

This new RGB file can be blended with another RGB file but you need a pixel editor for that.

I have AFFINITY PHOTO which would probably do that . . . but this seems to be getting rather convoluted.


Actually, I use AP in that way. I use DxO PL for my RAW processing, and most pictures can be fully edited there. But some need some additional, paint-type editing, or the use of the Topaz plug-ins. So I export from PL to AP, which happens via a TIFF.

Ok . . . good.

In AP, I might, for example, use Inpainting to remove an object, or apply a Topaz plug-in. If I expect to want to use the edited version selectively, I create a duplicate layer first. I then use Sharpen AI or DeNoise AI, and when I return to AP, the duplicated layer will contain the Topaz edits. If I decide that in some parts of the image, the original is better, I can apply a mask layer to the sharpened layer, painting it black where I prefer the original.

Ok . . . this sounds like you are paralleling what I want to do!  I am fairly new with AP and haven't learned layers and masking yet so will have to try and figure that out but it sounds like I should be able to send the image from C1P to AP . . . then do localized edits in AP with your layer masking technique then save or return the image to C1P.

I then export the image, usually to a JPEG.

Great stuff DN . . . thanks for your continued input . . . greatly appreciated!



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