A year later: The best standard zoom I'm aware of

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A year later: The best standard zoom I'm aware of

This second review is overdue. I have quite some history with the 16-80mm f/2.8-4. At first I found it boring and too expensive, after having had the 16-85 before. So I tried the constant f/2.8 Sigma 17-50 instead -- but found 50mm too short. Then my first copy of the 16-80 was decentered, leading to a mixed first review. My second copy finally evolved to the standard zoom on my D500 -- next time I'll listen to Nikon from the beginning

Here are some samples from this summer.

Arriving in Venice

Even though being fascinated by the cityscape, 80mm allow for a quick excursion to BIF as well:

A gull welcoming us

Or aviation?

Airplane passing Mouse Island in Corfu

The 16-80 covers panoramas easily.

Dubrovnic from the hills

VR is impressive.

Hand held at 1/8s

And the lens allows for decent bokeh.

Marmalade pancakes for breakfast


16mm is wide, but sometimes not wide enough for crowded touristic places -- was using the 10-24 inside cities a lot.

f/2.8-4 is fast, but sometimes not fast enough for available light -- was using the 18-35 f/1.8 for events onboard the ship.

Overall I think that the 16-80 marks the best available standard zoom (considering all manufacturers and sensor formats) regarding zoom range, speed, weight and image quality in one lens. Complemented with the magic of Nikon ED glass and coating.

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