C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

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Re: C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

Van Griff wrote:

Is there a way to apply localized sharpening in this process?

I'm thinking there probably must be but not seeing it.

The layers in C1 aren't like the layers in PS, because C1 is a parametric raw processor and PS (or Affinity Photo) are pixel editors. In C1 you are really only ever looking at a "virtual preview" of how the RAW will be converted to a TIFF or JPEG once it's exported. Where in PS or AP you are working with a "real" file that allow plugins to work differently.

If you use "edit with" in C1 it converts the raw file with the C1 edits into a TIFF (or PSD) which C1 then sends to the plugin and saves the TIFF beside the original raw file, so the RAW and TIFF should now be visible in C1.

Once in the Plugin the edits are applied globally to the entire TIFF, unless the plugin can work with local adjustments. When you save the TIFF in the Plugin, the changes are saved to the TIFF already in C1.

You can then continue editing the TIFF in C1, including adding C1 layers to the TIFF.

I would be tempted to try using the Plugin for general global sharpening and then refine the local sharpening on the TIFF, using a layer and the sharpening tools in C1.



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