C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

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Re: C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

Digital Nigel wrote:

IanYorke wrote:

Van Griff wrote:

Trying to do localized editing with Sharpen AI in a C1P12 image.

When I process an image in C1P12 then click on Edit With SAI the image opens in SAI and sharpen is applied to the entire image which can then be returned to C1P12.

I am trying to apply localized sharpening in SAI after processing in C1P12 . . . if I create a layer and apply a mask to the area I want to sharpen then send to AIS via Edit With and apply sharpening in AIS and return the edited image back to C1P12 the sharpening is still applied to the entire image . . . not just the localized mask setting.

Is there a way to apply localized sharpening in this process?

I'm thinking there probably must be but not seeing it.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated!



You can locally apply Sharpening within C1 but when you use "edit with" you are creating a new RGB file. This new RGB file can be blended with another RGB file but you need a pixel editor for that. Some programs like ON1 PR are combined raw converters and pixel editors.

Does C1P12 have PS-style layers and plug-ins? I know PSP and AP do, but haven't used C1P.

C1 is like LR, a raw processor. Whereas LR applies local edits using a "brush model" C1 uses layers. This is a far superior system as you can vary the opacity, turn layers on/off, refine, feather, invert and copy masks like you do in PS.

This combined with the ability to create masks from colour and luma information and combine them with the normal brush, gradient and radial gradient masks and tools like Levels and a Luma curve that means you can adjust contrast without impacting colours, means that you only need to go to a pixel editor for extensive cloning, sky replacement etc.

When you use the "edit or open with" plugin command within C1 you are creating a new RGB file or simply sending the original raw to be processed by another program. For example if you use "open with" you can send the original raw file to DXO to take advantage of its PRIME noise reduction and then continue processing the exported RGB file in C1 but it is a new file.

As a side note I used LR from V1 and the only reason it didn't get layers was that the head engineer adopted a "anything but PS" approach. This is the reason why LR's crop function works the opposite to every other image editing app.


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