Regret buying EOS M50

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Re: Regret buying EOS M50

Francis A wrote:

OzarkAggie wrote:

Francis A wrote:

rrc1967 wrote:

that's PF (purple fringing) something different.

But yes, the 50mm 1.8 wasn't APO worthy .. then again what do you expect for $125.

I was suppose to say purple fringing but I always thought any type of color fringing is CA. Thanks for that!

CA expresses itself in different colors. PF is CA. We see it on edges because that's where it is most noticeable but it's throughout the image. There's always a secondary color like green/magenta which if I remember is longitudinal CA.

Proper exposure and lens profiles eliminate the problem.

I can't post an image right now but the EF 50mm STM is very nice lens when coupled with M50. You'll spend hundreds more for very little gain.

Have you eliminated PF on wider apertures? I don't know but I can't seem to fix it in-cam or in post. I do watch my exposure and sometimes I underexpose but not on an extreme level. I seem to do a better job in post that way but PF on wider apertures is just bad.

I just took a few shots.  Text on a back lighted screen looks okay.  Then I shot a black lampshade with ventilation slots near the base.  @1.8 I get some nasty fringing in the highest contrast black shade pure white light.   The fringe can be tamed but not eliminated by adjusting the Red-Cyan axis AND the Green-Magenta axis.  Both have a slight affect so in the extreme there's a combination of errors.

I shot some 1.8 at a lake Friday.  Bare branches against an almost white background but the light was soft.  No fringing. I'd post but I don't have my desktop on the net.

I'm also shooting JPEG so DR isn't an issue for a new style I am developing.   I've been looking at some old film and I find it to be softer.   So perhaps we're all pushing the limits of image capture.

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