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So, coming from a 5D4 and Sony RX10IV for back-story

Replaced the 5D4 with an A7III, so all Sony now

With the RX10IV, when I change the exposure, the viewfinder represents what the final shot will look like. With the A7III, the finder always looks bright. When I take the shot, the exposure may be way off.

I know it simply a setting, but I want to see what I am going to get (like with the RX10IV).

Thanks so much


Somewhen, somehow, you turned Live View Display: Setting Effect to Off, or you are using an MI flash. The camera will automatically disable Setting Effect when a flash is detected.

It should be on the Gear menu. It's on the third page of this menu in the A7R2.

That did it! Thanks so much

Another thing to watch out for is a setting about 'viewfinder brightness - auto', as i recall, which for some reason can artificially brighten what you see. Switch that setting to manual, zero.

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