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Re: Z6 questions

I have the D850 and the Z6 as well. The color is more or less identical if you shoot raw. In jpegs I feel like the D850 delivers cleaner color in mixed lighting, but the difference is pretty small unless you are super particular.
Battery life, autofocus, and silent shutter all work great on the Z6 (I use only F mount lenses on the FTZ adapter).

The big adjustment is in the EVF. I still prefer the D850, but the Z6 is a handy second or third body, and the silent shutter, or even the quiet normal shutter of the body is something that you just can’t replicate the D850.

The Z6 files look good in the end, you just have to trust the camera, even if in the EVF the image can look too contrasty, or in mixed lighting the color isn’t perfect.

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