Is this 75-300mm good?

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Re: Is this 75-300mm good?

Jazzychu wrote:

Thank everyone for the confirmation of this lens and so many great suggestions to improve my techniques.

Drj3, regarding the several individual shots, do you mean several single shots or continuous shooting?

Since the birds are fast moving creatures and they keep turning heads to look for food or clean themselves, I tried to shoot in multiples with silent Sequential-L and 1/1000 shutter speed. Is S-AF better than C-AF? I think I used C-AF the last two days and the results are not as good as just single shot with S-AF. The lens seems hunt quite a bid in C-AF, through EVF, particularly with long range.

You definitely want to stick with S-AF if you're using the E-M5 II. The E-M5 II has a C-AF that uses the same CDAF AF used for S-AF, it's not really a competitive C-AF implementation.  Proving the subject doesn't move, the S-AF is very accurate, especially if you use the smallest focus square on the eye.  Setting S-AF+MF may also be useful.

It's worth using a bust shooting mode, such as Sequential-Low or Sequential-High, this increases the chance that you'll get a shake-free, subject movement free result somewhere within the sequence.   Definitely try the electronic shutter, it seemed to make a difference to my keeper rate.

If you upgrade to a recent body with PDAF, like the E-M1 II or E-M5 III, then C-AF would be better for subjects that are moving around.  I pretty much default my E-M1 II to C-AF+MF.

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