C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

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Re: C1P12 + Localized Edit With TOPAZ Sharpen AI?

Digital Nigel wrote:

Van Griff wrote:

Trying to do localized editing with Sharpen AI in a C1P12 image.

When I process an image in C1P12 then click on Edit With SAI the image opens in SAI and sharpen is applied to the entire image which can then be returned to C1P12.

I am trying to apply localized sharpening in SAI after processing in C1P12 . . . if I create a layer and apply a mask to the area I want to sharpen then send to AIS via Edit With and apply sharpening in AIS and return the edited image back to C1P12 the sharpening is still applied to the entire image . . . not just the localized mask setting.

Is there a way to apply localized sharpening in this process?

I'm thinking there probably must be but not seeing it.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated!

Assuming that masks in C1P work the same as in other products, you need to duplicate the original into another layer, leaving the original as the background. You send the duplicate layer to SAI, do your sharpening, and when you return, apply a mask to the sharpened layer, so you can determine where it's visible (ie, paint the mask white), and where the unchanged original is visible (black mask).


Thanks for the suggestion . . . but does not seem to be working.

I created a fill layer in the original NEF file in C1P12 . . . then sent the file to SAI as a TIFF . . . processed with SAI . . . then sent back to C1P12 as a new TIFF . . . but the new TIFF file now in C1P12 does not have the original background and fill layer . . . it is just a TIFF file with no layers and the SAI sharpening applied to the complete image and I don't think I can erase or mask any of the sharpening.

Am I doing something wrong or ???Thanks for your assistance.



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