Oly 45mm 1.8 vs Sigma 56mm 1.4

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Re: Oly 45mm 1.8 vs Sigma 56mm 1.4

I have both (and the 75mm f1.8). The Oly 45 is a really nice lens, great size and cheap and takes nice photos, even wide open it is pretty good. I then picked up the 75mm and love it....when I have room to work in that FL. Last I got the 56mm and it is my favorite low light and portrait lens. Better quality than the 45mm, better (usually) FL than the 75mm (for me). Not sure if it is weather sealed( I think either the Sigma 30mm is and the 56mm isn’t, or visa versa and the 56mm costs a fair bit more than the 30mm, so likely is the WR one.). Today my 45mm is used for travel kit and for infrared shooting on a converted camera (its tiny filter size saves a bunch with expensive IR filters). I WANT to shoot my 75mm, I think it is great and I don’t want to sell it, but I have to be honest, 8 out of 10 times I reach for the Sigma 56mm. The Sigma is a little bigger, but still is fine on a PenF and ideal on and EM1.2. So if I had a time machine I probably would have gotten the 56mm only (or maybe one day added a used super cheap 45mm for travel). And even as I write this, part of my brain is still saying, “but the 75mm is an awesome lens, you should use it more.)

I have the Sigma 30mm as well, it is a nice lens, I will say the 56mm is a better overall lens IMHO, so if you like the 30mm, you should like the 56mm just fine. The two Sigma’s have cured about 75% of my desire for the similar FL Oly Pro lenses. Don’t have/want the 16mm Sigma, it is a bit too big for my usage....maybe the 17mm Oly Pro...one day.....but it is too large for me as well...until the day I decide it isn’t.

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