Camera Size (again)

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Re: Camera Size (again)

Nice video, thanks for posting, I love his chromodynamics shots in his portfolio,  Stunning.

I can shoot with anything. Big, small, whatever,

That said I prefer a DSLR for night colour photography with a good prime, or good f2.8 zoom, they show less shake and don't make street lamps flare as much in my experience

For colour day, I like my SL1 with a canon prime, because the way Canon renders colour.

For black and white, anything really, blur, shake, blown lights, it;s all cool

But for good colour you want nice tack sharp images and a camera and lesn combo that can produce excellent colour even with high ISO without too much colour noise etc

But that's just me we're all different etc

I like that he still goes out at night.  I'm only 43 and feel like I want to go to bed at 11.30pm lol so only shoot in the day in good light these days.

Man I need to toughen up again and this video was good inspiration

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