Considering a used a7r in lieu of aps-c

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Re: Considering a used a7r in lieu of aps-c

Full frame lenses will work better on the A7R. The A7R does have a number of quirks to it, though. It has a good, no AA, high resolution sensor, but it does not have EFCS. So that loud, slow, clunk/clunk of the shutter can be off-putting in some situations, and can also cause shutter shock.

The A7R2 is bigger and heavier, but in pretty much every way a better, more mature, camera.

If you're mostly shooting landscapes and architecture - non-moving subjects - maybe on a tripod, and you're mostly interested in better IQ for these shots, and the A7R2 is a bit too expensive, then the A7R probably makes sense. If you would be just as happy with a manual focus film SLR (as far as your shooting style), that would be another indicator that the A7R might be a good idea.

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A7R2 with SEL2470Z and a number of adapted lenses (Canon FD, Minolta AF, Canon EF, Leica, Nikon...); A7R converted to IR.

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