Is “Pride of ownership” important when buying photo gear?

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Is “Pride of ownership” important when buying photo gear?

Pride of ownership is an important decision-making factor for some consumers when selecting particular goods among available alternatives. It is applicable to large and small purchases – houses, education, cars, closing, watches, electronics, etc.

Is it a factor in your decision-making when buying photographic gear?

Would you choose a Leica camera, a Gitzo tripod, or even a top-of-the-line camera model from a consumer brand, even if a midrange product is more than sufficient for your needs?

Perhaps, you work hard to earn the lifestyle you can afford, and believe that, generally, you get what you pay for, and higher price reflects better manufacturing quality, performance, and level of customer service?

A few month ago, I seriously considered getting into a Leica system, and even posted some questions on Leica forum here. Currently with Micro 4/3 and Sony FF, I am an older but still working professional, and I fit right into a stereotype of a typical Leica owner. But I feel that Leica could not add anything to my photography that Sony FF is not already capable of. So, I decided that I can’t justify this purchase, at least at this time (justify ≠ afford).

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Yes, “Pride of ownership” is important to me, why not to own a "luxury" item if you can afford it? You may get better quality and customer service with it.
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It is a factor, but not the most central - actual performance for the price is more important to me. I would rather buy another lens for the price difference.
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For me, “Pride of ownership” is not important at all. I simply select the best tool for my needs.
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