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CAcreeks wrote:

Doug J wrote:

There are 2 reviews on Amazon for these cards, both state the capacity is 256GB:

When I inserted the SD Card in my laptop slot, it was difficult to put in all the way. I took it out and the printed portion of the card pealed off. It only shows 250gb, not 512GB. Looks like false advertising to me.

These are NOT 512, they are 256GB with a sticker attached saying 512GB. I returned one and the second device is exactly the same.

Yeah, I guess it's increasingly important to RTFR (read the frickin' reviews).

In a recent Amazon financial statement they stated approx. 40% of their sales comes via 3rd party resellers and they want to increase this. I expect some bad resellers slip through, Amazon doesn't say how they vette resellers or how many complaints/bad reviews they tolerate before booting a reseller from their site.

Also in today's news, Amazon marketplace includes cosmetics containing mercury, though not listed among the ingredients.


That's not a surprise I suppose. When companies like Amazon and eBay have essentially & effectively open doors to resellers, some nefarious, unethical or incompetent resellers are bound to show up on their websites.

I found Amazon's & eBay's comments in the article laughable:


All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action, including potential removal of their account,” the spokeswoman said.

The company said it uses tools to scan products on the site and block those suspected of violating its polities.

Clearly what they do doesn't prevent all cases of fraud.

eBay -

Consumers can shop EBay’s 1-plus-billion items with confidence, knowing we have key partnerships and processes in place with product manufacturers and regulators to ensure a safe shopping experience

Huh? Guess the spokesperson didn't read the report that some of the products were found to be contaminated. Not so safe after all.

As always, buyer beware, and we buy a lot of stuff from Amazon - with caution. Good article, thanks for the post.


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